Space Maze 3D

Platform: PC

Genre: 3D First Person Runner

When?: 2014

What did I do?: Main designer of the game.

With who?: Zombs Up

What is it?: You are trapped inside a maze with a killer robot. Luckily for you, you still have your space suit which can adapt and grant you incredible powers in order to scape from the maze. Every level is bigger than the preceding one and all of them are procedurally generated.

Not yet published. Development halted.


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Five Bad Fellas: Adventure Game

Platform: PC

Genre: Point & Click

When?: 2013-2014

What did I do?: I was the main designer and director of the game. I wrote the script and forged the story. Managed a team of five people. Coordinated testing and balancing.

With who?: Kakti Studio

What is it?: Five Bad Fellas: Adventure Game is a point & click game where the detective Gabriele D’Angelo has to investigate a strange ritual murderer in Prohibition Era Chicago. The clues will lead him to an unexpected clash of voodoo and mafia rivalries.

It was first introduced in FicZone 2014 alongside Spanish acclaimed games Los ríos de Alice or Mind: Path to Talamus.

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