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I was asked a few questions by Lena LeRay about our project Nubla and the indie game scene in Spain.

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M, City in the Centre of the World

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Puzzle, Platforms, Art.

When?: 2016-2017

What did I do?: Level Designer. Game Designer. Localization. Producer.

With who?: Gammera Nest.

What is it?: M, City in the Centre of the World is the second installment in the Nubla franchise. An even more ambitious project than the first one. It is still based on the paintings in the Thyssen Museum and this time it includes local co-op multiplayer.

The challenges in here came from the design of levels prepared for two characters with different skills, speeds and jumps, and to make every puzzle in the game so it could be solved in at least five different ways.





(This is still a WIP)

Platform: Mobile

Genre: RPG

When: 2015-2016

Summon is a turn-based mobile RPG with geolocalization and strategy characteristics.

What did I do?

You can see a GDD of the project here.


I design the whole game as a final project for the university. I focused on balancing stats for up to 140 different creatures, more than 200 skills, 15 types of buildings, etc…

We wanted to make a game with geolocalization that didn’t make the user move if they wanted to play, but instead compel them to move. They could play from their sofa like anyone else, but if they are moving they may get some rewards.

The art style was different from what we’ve come to expect from a mobile game, because we wanted a more mature audience.



Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Puzzle, Platforms, Art.

When?: 2013-2015

What did I do?: Level Designer. Game Designer. Localization. Producer.

With who?: Gammera Nest.

What is it?: Nubla is my biggest project by far. It is a game based on the paintings of the Thyssen Museum of Madrid. Nubla is a mix of platform and puzzle where you control an avatar that has some power depending on the artistic movement it is based on. Through the story you find yourself in a world on the brink of being destroyed by some mysterious forces and you have to rescue the elder sage Nubla, the long-legged elephant from Dali’s paintings.

It is the first of three chapters. The first one was released on December 2015 in a big event held at the Museum. It has been highlighted in several magazines and papers in Spain and abroad.

Interview in The AAAA Magazine about Nubla reports on Nubla

PlayStation Store link

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Las Islas de Nubla

Platform: Android, iOs

Genre: Puzzle, Art.

When?: 2015

What did I do?: I helped guiding a group of people in their first experience making a game, specifically teaching them the principles of design and providing feedback.

With who?: Gammera Nest

What is it?: Las Islas de Nubla was born from a workshop in the Thyssen Museum of Madrid. The participants created some levels based on paintings and in the world of Nubla, our PS4 game. It is a little game where every level focuses in different authors and artistic movements.

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