About Me

I was born some years ago in Almería in a huge family of teachers, scholars and basketball players. For those of you that don’t know Almería, it’s a multicultural city in the South of Spain, surrounded by the sea and the desert, and I like to think that living there has shaped my character in some way.

And it was there where I created my first game ever, in the dunes by the beach I invented a role playing game for me and my cousins to play while on those long 6-year-old vacation summers. Of course, being 6 years old and not having played nearly any RPG it became utterly unplayable, but it was fun for us.

So it kind of became a tradition. My high school years were devoted to playing basketball on a semi-pro level, playing strategy PC titles, reading and creating tabletop games and some experiencing with RPG maker. That was quite a time ago and nothing the sort of Unity or Unreal was available. And Source was way out of my league in that time.

Then I went to college to Granada to study History. Granada is a huge chapter in my life, and I could write a book about it, but not today. There I learned fencing, I acted and directed in a theater group for some years, learned some History, and overall developed as a human being. Those were the glorious years of MMOs, and I think I played all the titles available at the time. I also discover the new wave of eurogames in boardgames and fiddled with some designs I never published. In Granada I surprisingly won some literary contest in poetry and short story.

And I went back home, to Almería, where I studied English Philology. There I focused on Comparative Narratives, studying the intertwining between videogames and novels. I also started working as a freelance translator, mainly for mobile games and apps, and as a personal teacher for students. While in the University of Almería, I became a student’s representative reaching the national level on my last year at charge. I organized several cultural activities on my University and founded a cultural students association. I traveled a lot, gave a lot of speeches, read a lot and played more mobile games than ever (remember the travelling a lot part?).

So it was the year 2013 when I moved to Madrid and enter the games industry at full throttle. On my first year studying Game Design & Development I published, along with my teammates of Kakti Studio, and as a lead designer, three games: Five Bad Fellas The Boardgame (winner of Best Game at Madrid ForPlay 2013 and ESNE Boardgame 2013), Five Bad Fellas Adventure Game (a classic noire point&click showed in Granada Gaming 2013) and Andean Trail (F2P Mobile game released exclusively on Windows Phone).

It was that year that I entered the development team behind Nubla, Gammera Nest, as a level designer, later becoming a game designer. Nubla is a PlayStation 4 title developed along with Thyssen Museum.

As a branch study of Gammera Nest, we founded Gammera Mobile, focused on mobile games, where we pretended to create one game a month for six months. There, we developed and published Find the Pot, Revisator, ChessNuts, SpaceMinoes, SpaceMinoes PRO and Another Winter.

At the time of this “About me” publication I’m working on the second installment of Nubla, called “M, the city in the center of the world”, Summon a geolocalization mobile RPG, and some other projects yet to be announced.

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