M, City in the Centre of the World

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Puzzle, Platforms, Art.

When?: 2016-2017

What did I do?: Level Designer. Game Designer. Localization. Producer.

With who?: Gammera Nest.

What is it?: M, City in the Centre of the World is the second installment in the Nubla franchise. An even more ambitious project than the first one. It is still based on the paintings in the Thyssen Museum and this time it includes local co-op multiplayer.

The challenges in here came from the design of levels prepared for two characters with different skills, speeds and jumps, and to make every puzzle in the game so it could be solved in at least five different ways.


Space Maze 3D

Platform: PC

Genre: 3D First Person Runner

When?: 2014

What did I do?: Main designer of the game.

With who?: Zombs Up

What is it?: You are trapped inside a maze with a killer robot. Luckily for you, you still have your space suit which can adapt and grant you incredible powers in order to scape from the maze. Every level is bigger than the preceding one and all of them are procedurally generated.

Not yet published. Development halted.


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Hominidae: From Rift to Java

Platform: PS Vita

Genre: Puzle, Resource Management, Learning.

When?: 2014

What did I do?: I was a co-designer and history advisor. I designed the main loop and the first two levels.

With who?: Gammera Nest

What is it?: Hominidae was born from a workshop in the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid. The player is taught the ways different hominins would survive and evolve from Australopithecus to Homo Erectus. It is an educative game for people visiting the museum. It is still to be published.

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